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Coordination, follow-ups, and reminders

She assures you that nothing slips out of your teams’ minds. She is a diligent, timely reminder for the entire people involved in the sales cycle.
Now make all opportunity-related internal coordinations among your teams automated with SARA. She Syncs with your Outlook or Google and gets everything aligned. She follows up with you and other team members for updates. She monitors all activities to ensure no further unattended opportunities or accounts are on your list.

Sara coordination, follow-ups, and reminders

Automat approval processes

Let Sara coordinate between different departments and authorities to get the job done.
SARA makes sure that the approvals are completed on time as per conditional requirements, thus reducing human errors.

  • Approval by emails, Browser, and Mobile
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Route by Conditions

Get The Management Involved

She identifies the potential risks and escalates it to the management based on inactivity, missing information, due date, and criticality of the situation.

Plan your Actions, Action your Plans

Automate a personalized sequence of Actions with Sara. She keeps you one step ahead by being the driver of your success with the prospects by planning and executing the required actions before and after each interaction.

sara action planning

Be Closer to Your Contacts

Even be with her to improve your relationship with external stakeholders and prospects. receive reminders before their birthdays, analyze their behavioral profile to enhance the impact, and monitor their social interactions to provide better insights for your teams to maintain customer relationships

Track your Calls and Meetings

She recognizes all calls and meetings are done with the prospects on the field or even in your office. She automatically analyses the reasons for the sales interactions and triggers the recommended actions accordingly.

track meetings and calls


Using the latest technologies and REST Apis, she can integrate with various CRMs, MS Outlook, Google, and other 3rd party applications. It will save you lots of time for double entries and reporting and help you to have more selling time on the field.

Sara crm integrations

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