Sales Assistant

AI-powered Work Organizer

Let Sara organize and track all activities that are related to your sales interactions.

  • She helps you in coordination, follow-ups, and reminders
  • Your assistant in activity Planning
  • Approval and Escalation Management
  • Your support in relationship building
  • Tracks your calls and meetings
  • She Updates Your CRM on your Behalf

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Sara sales assistant

Sales Coach For Sales Reps

AI-powered sales expert

SARA will guide you to focus on specific expected and significant measurable results (SMR) and suggests the preparation works that might increase the chances of achieving those results.

  • Your sales mentor on the field for each activity
  • Opportunity Insight Management
  • Influence map management
  • Calculates the Confidence Level at Activity Level

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sales coaching

Sales Insight

Ai-powered analytics

SARA uses all the gathered information to create a detailed engagement model for each sales rep, like putting the puzzle pieces together. It explains each sales rep’s approach to an opportunity and the critical factors impacting the team’s success rate

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sales insight

Sales Assistant

For longer Sales Cycles

As a trend, the sales team spend more than 50% of their time to manage internal things

  • Scope Preparation to Finalization Cycle
  • Solution Preparation to Finalization Cycle
  • ROI Preparation to Finalization Cycle
  • ClosePlan Preparation to Finalization Cycle
  • Contract Preparation to Finalization Cycle

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longer sales

Personalized behavior

Define it the way that it works for you

  • User-Defined Workflows
  • User-Defined Flexi Fields
  • User-Defined Approval Workflows
  • User-Defined Dialogs
  • User-Defined 3rd party integrations

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sales insight

Sara Characteristics

More to know about Sara

  • She uses various communication methods to keep you engaged
  • She is flexible to be personalized as per your organization needs
  • She Talks in 10 different languages
  • She is developed based on Azure and Google technology and platform
  • She has already been integrated into so many different platforms

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