Sales Coach for Sales Reps

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Your Pocket Sales Mentor on the Go

Use her sales expertise at the beginning and then learn from top performers through their interactions, guiding the whole team to drive equal and balanced productivity to success.
She helps the sales reps lead the critical sales objectives at each stage and recommends suitable strategies accordingly

sales mentor

Influence Map Management

She is with you in the process of identifying the main stakeholders of your Opportunity in terms of :

  • Visualize your penetration level into the account
  • Outline the political map influencing your deal closure
  • Assess your company relationship level with the accounts

Opportunity Insight Management

Sara brings attention to your sales reps about the key sales objectives such as Budget, competition, the decision process that more likely influence the success of their deals. She discusses each purpose, guides as a coach, and follows up proactively for the update post completion of the action.

opportunity insight

No More Guesswork

Her AI-powered sales engine helps the sales rep to highlight the missing elements and define the right strategy to avoid guesswork and assumptions.

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