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Her Added Value to your Organization

As a Sales Expert run by AI-powered analytics, she monitors the critical aspects that might risk your sales success, including pipeline management, opportunity health assessment, deal visibility, and sales team forecasts accuracy.
She identifies the critical success factors that matter to your organization and makes sure that your sales teams put in exemplary efforts toward that.

Sales Review and Deals visibility

The responsibility of spotting the potential risks and identifying the actual closures is usually on the shoulder of frontline sales managers. They need to have many back and forth questions with the team and spend a considerable amount of time in sales review meetings to understand the ground-level reality.

sales review

Sales Review and Deals visibility

She clones your managerial approach to reviewing the accuracy of the sales pipeline and calculates the probability of closures. She extracts and consolidates "on the field" data to create a comprehensive view of the opportunities.
Now sales managers can proactively focus on the broader vision rather than spending their time to spot the potential issues.

Sales teams strength vs Weakness

SARA helps the managers keep track of each sales rep's performance and provides insight into their strengths and weakness to help understand the necessary actions/ learning to be provided for them to match up to the top performers in your teams. She gains insights from the top performers and guides your whole squad accordingly.

salesman strenght

Effort Analysis

Provides the time spent on each opportunity by your sales reps in the forms of calls meeting or timeline for implementation or success full closure of the deals. This helps management to recognize and help their sales reps to focus management their effort time more on the objectives important for closing.

sales effort analysis

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