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What matters to you is crucial to Sara

Certain activities play a more critical role in some industries to increase the chance of deal success. In such cases, Sara can be configured to do the needful.

Applicable to

  • Indicative Close plan
  • Scope Definition
  • Solution Design
  • ROI Caclulcation
  • Close Plan
  • Proposal And contract
Suppose your industry norms indicate the existence of any above activity. In that case, Sara can control the quality of its execution as per the checkpoints defined by you or the pattern extracted from your top performers.

sara longer cycles

Keep your eyes on

For example, Sara will ensure specific points such as the prospect raised objections, the key stakeholder's needs, alignment of their budget, and your competitive advantage are addressed before submitting the proposal

  • Preparations
  • Study sessions
  • Internal Reviews
  • Submissions
  • Discussion and Agreements
  • Finalizations

track all sales steps

How it works

  • Configurable Multisteps workflow
  • Keep everybody Involved
  • Messure the Quality
  • Analyse the impact

sara manage workflow

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