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Why Sara?

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Improving sales productivity is challenging So how Sara increase your team’s productivity in a fast-paced and ever-changing market?

Assuming everyone in a sales team puts in their best effort, a question mark remains, how do we maximize that results.

Your team’s effort divided into several buckets, such as reporting to the management and CRM updating, content preparation, administrative work. After taking into account everything else your team is doing only about 30% of their total effort is left for actually selling your goods and services.

So the Questions are

How to spend more time actually selling?

How to use that time more effectively to
increase the conversation ratio?

Increase the selling time

In an ideal world, Sales rep would have an assistant to manage all their processes and admin work, so they can focus on what they’re good at. Sales.
In the real world, however, a solution like this simply isn’t feasible.

We have a better idea

SARA is a highly trained sales expert who can take away the time spent by your team on other tasks so that your reps can focus on selling.

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Maximizing the result

There are essential KPIs set in place to measure a sales rep’s performance, such as conversion rates, number of Closed Wins, forecast accuracy, and quota achievements.

These benchmarks place a great deal of pressure on performers who usually make up about 50-60% of the sales team, instead of highlighting the obstacles preventing them from overachieving.

There are many factors impacting
success in a sales environment

The points of contact within the perspective account and their level of influence

The strength of relationship built by the sales rep with those points of contact and their champion

Depth of discovery done prior to the pitch

Having appropriate insights to strategize on how to close win

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